trammers at work tipping ore onto the grizzly

Trammers worked underground transporting the ore from the stopes to the grizzly.

Trammers operated the locos which were wagons used to transport broken ore underground, from the site of blasting to the bottom of the haulage shaft. The trammers would often have a ‘train’ of several wagons being pulled at once. The trammers would collect the broken ore to fill up the wagons at the box-holes, underneath the stope. Then take these to the Grizzly, where the large pieces were broken down. These were then transferred to the skips for hauling the ore up the shaft to the surface. In order to empty the wagons, the trammers tipped on their side and hit the side with a mallet to clear the debris. The tracks were laid as the mine was extended by the developers. However, if a wagon derailed, it was the job of the trammers to lever it back on track using long bars.


Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of the T Grevatt collection held by Cornwall Council

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