At the Mercy of the Elements

braken from the wildlife on the edge trail

Bracken is one of the first species to colonise neglected ground.

It can grow quickly into tall stands, becoming the dominant plant in fields and neglected pastures. At Geevor however, being perched on the edge, the sheer strength and speed of the wind leads to bracken stands that are much shorter and stumpier than their inland counterparts.

The Native Bluebell is widespread throughout the UK and Cornwall, but it has a relatively narrow range, the UK having about half of the world population. The bluebell is generally considered a woodland species, where it flowers in early spring before the canopy is too dense to shut out the light. With no trees found at Geevor, the bluebell has adapted to flowering beneath bracken, which provides the perfect dappled shade for this fragrant flower.

Photograph reproduced with the kind permission of the Geevor Archive

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