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Sandford Award

Once again Geevor has been the recipient of the Sanford Award for Heritage Education.

These awards are valid for a 5 year period.

 In 2007, Geevor was awarded the Sandford Award for Heritage Education.


Sandford Award judge, Robin Clutterbuck, recommended Geevor for the award saying:

"Perched at the very limits of the country where the granite batholith meets the sea, the industrial site of Geevor Tin Mine - in use as recently as 1990 - hardly needs 'interpretation' for visitors to appreciate history, heritage and significance. However the committed education staff, assisted by ex-miners, provide a superb service allowing children to experience the mine more fully through workshops, tours and hands-on activities. During the visit, children cement their empathy with the work of the hard rock miners, who fought every inch with the Cornish granite to probe for tin seams. Geevor is now a leading part of a World Heritage site stretching through Cornwall and has developed strong foundations for its future, both through its strong educational ethos and its objective to help to regenerate the former mining communities of the far west." (Judges Report, 2007)

Click here for more information about the Sandford Award, administered by the Heritage Education Trust


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Comment left by 1nameonly on 2012-07-20 16:45:35

I would like to learn more about the mining of cornwall past

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